Welcome to Pax Romana LLC

We are pleased to Welcome to you the official website of Pax Romana, LLC.

Pax Romana is an investment and consulting company specializing specifically in angel investments and consultation to qualified start ups. If you have a great idea that you’ve turned into a business and you find yourself needing some working capital and/or advice we’re here to help.

Historically speaking, Pax Romana is classified as a long period of relative stability and peace under the leadership and governance of the Roman Empire. With the help of our company we can infuse elements of leadership and stability into your company to promote growth and a strong economic foundation on which you can build your own personal empire.

Another meaning often associated with Pax Romana is the concept of “uneasy peace.” This peace is one that is imposed by a powerful state on a weaker or vanquished state. Clearly an investment comes with a price and it can often make potential partners uneasy. When a financially powerful group makes an investment in a smaller company there will always some uneasiness and points of potential stress. We work to minimize these while at the same time recognizing that these feelings can and do exist. We wish to grant our partners the utmost autonomy with minimal interference while, at the same time, generating healthy profits that benefit all parties. 

We recognize that angel investments aren’t suitable for everyone or every company. If you believe it’s the right move for you please take a moment to contact us, lay out your proposal and we can decide if a meeting is in order.

May 2021 Update: Our deepest apologies but our funding cap has been reached this year and we are no longer accepting applications for new clients.