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About Us:

Pax Romana LLC is an investment company specializing in angel investments to qualified startups (more on that below). We also offer the following services:

1. Consulting: Do you need business guidance from a company that runs several profitable multi-million dollar companies? We are here to help. We can review financial information, evaluate current operations and assist with business planning. Consulting isn’t just for companies in trouble- it’s also valuable for companies that are doing well and want to take things to a new level. Consulting fees vary based on the project but generally run about $120/hr.

2. Guaranteed ROI Investments: Want to make money on your money? Simply give it to us and we’ll invest it into our own operations guaranteeing you profit on your principle. Our returns generally never exceed 4% but we guarantee whatever percentage return we agree on. Investment amounts must meet certain size and length requirements (i.e. $30,000 for 18 months) and there are certain withdrawal limitations.

3. Loans: Do you need money for a business venture, equipment or growth? If you meet certain requirements we can help! Sometimes everything is going great but there isn’t quite enough working capital to make everything align. We offer competitive loans in nearly any amount (minimum amout is $15,000).

Angel Investments:

Pax Romana’s specialty is Angel investments. If you are an individual or a group with an amazing idea or, better yet, if you already have a company off the ground and need an investment (money and/or consulting) we can help. We have been there- bootstrapping, making every dollar stretch as far as possible, working 100 hour weeks and coming home to a house full of teary eyed strangers (sad, but true). We understand entrepreneurs, the challenges you face and we know what it takes to achieve success.

Using Angel investors allows you to avoid the potential heartbreak of borrowing from family and friend, mortgaging your home or giving up control of your company. We work alongside you to provide mentoring, strategy and, of course, money.

Typically as angel investors we are not interested in equity, although we are open to this possibility if the offer and business is right. Generally we want recoup our investments quickly (a maximum of five years) and generate a substantial profit (at least ten times our original investment). This information is provided to you in an effort to be upfront and make sure there are no surprises when you decide it’s time to contact us. Although many entrepreneurs initially feel this criteria is unreasonable those who have successfully worked with us know otherwise.

If you would like to talk with us please feel free to send us an email (contact information is below) outlining your business, projected revenue and financial requirements. We are happy to sign any non-compete documents you have available before reviewing any sensitive material. Please remember, we reserve the right to choose who we work with. Just because you have a “totally mind-blowing” ideas or think you’re the next “Jeff Gates Ellison” doesn’t mean we will agree.


We are committed to guard your investments. We are committed to guard our investments. No one takes this job more seriously than we do.

Contact Information:

Pax Romana LLC
564 W 700 S #102
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Fax: 801-768-4634

Email: paxromanallc (at) gmail (dot) com

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